A Day in the Life of a BCBSM ID Card Part Two: Eye Doctor Visit

In part two of this series, the Blues ID card stops at the eye doctor for an annual check- up. They say that eyes are the windows to the soul. But eyes are also the windows to health problems like diabetes and high blood pressure. Your eye doctor is sometimes the first person to identify early warning signs of health issues, while treating and helping you manage eye disorders such as glaucoma and cataracts. Keeping up with regular eye examinations can help you maintain total body health.

The Blues ID card is always on the move providing access to discounts and special offers on everything from groceries to fitness gear, and access to quality medical, dental, vision and prescription drug coverage. Stay tuned for more Blues ID card adventures.

For information about Blue Vision visit bcbsm.com/bluevision.

Special thanks to the doctors and staff of the Gaylord Eye Care Center for participating in the filming of this video.

Health reform at 6 months: Free checkups and tetanus shots, anyone?

National health reform turns six months old on Sept. 23, when a variety of new rules and regulations take effect. In this weeklong series, we highlight how benefits will change for consumers in the near term. You can also find videos, news alerts, RSS feeds and other information at our health reform website.

Health insurers will be required to cover a host of preventive services and immunizations with no cost sharing for members under a requirement of national health reform soon to take effect. Cost sharing is when health plans – or employers offering health plans – require members to cover some costs associated with their coverage, such as co-payments for doctors’ office visits or for medications.

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