Blues Bid Farewell to Social Media Mastermind Shannon Paul

Farewells are part of life. The warmest farewells leave the door open, and a light burning on the front porch.

So it is, as we at and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan bid farewell to our friend, teacher, and the caretaker of our interactive online communities, Shannon Paul.

Shannon came home to Michigan two years ago from far-away Seattle. In that short time, she grew our online community at into a forum for conversations about fitness and nutrition, and a celebration of all the great things about our Great Lakes State. She also helped Blue Cross emerge responsibly into the social Web — ensuring we were properly positioned to first listen and then engage, that we understood and adopted ethical standards for digital content, and that we developed interactive media channels that were relevant to the people who wanted to connect with our brand.

Shannon will be moving to Cincinnati to assume an exciting position that represents significant growth in her career and will be announced by her new organization in the coming weeks. She leaves a place she loves — Detroit — but I know her heart will always remain here. And so will her legacy, which endures with the growth of A Healthier Michigan and through every successful interaction Blue Cross has with our customers and stakeholders via the social Web.

Thank you, Shannon, for spending time with us. And thank you, reader, for being a valued citizen of our online community. We hope you’ll both come back soon.

8 Responses to Blues Bid Farewell to Social Media Mastermind Shannon Paul

  1. Julian Bond says:

    Congrats on the new role Shannon :) Seriously awesome work you and all of the great team over there at BCBSM with social throughout the last few years. Will definitely miss you here in the D!!

  2. Congratulations, Shannon! Best of luck in your new position. You were part of what remains one of Detroit’s best social media teams!

  3. Shannon Paul says:

    @Dino and @Julian,

    Thank you so much for the kind words. I may be biased, but this is hands-down the best social media team (and Corporate Communications department) to work for in Detroit. I was lucky to land here and the people I’ve had the opportunity to work with here at BCBSM have helped me grow in ways I never could have fathomed when I walked through the door two years ago. I’m sad to leave behind such wonderful people, but am very excited for what lies ahead.

  4. Leah says:

    Congratulations Shannon! Good luck!

  5. Mrs. Weber says:

    Aww, best of luck Shannon! You will rock wherever you go. And you know you can always come home to the D and we’ll welcome you with open arms :)

    • Shannon Paul says:

      Thanks, Lauren! It was a tough decision to leave this place, but I’m very excited for my new opportunity.

  6. Ann Fiedor says:

    All the best, Shannon. May God direct your steps!

  7. Ralph says:

    wish you the best Shannon

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