New Energy-Efficient Streetlamps Part of Ongoing Improvements to Blues’ Downtown Detroit Campus

To improve the quality of public life downtown, the Blues recently announced a partnership with the City of Detroit, the Downtown Development Authority and the Downtown Detroit Partnership to install 1,077 high-efficiency streetlights downtown. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan is installing 41 lampposts along its properties that border the BLUpath, our name for an urban trail that connects the Tower headquarters with the Jefferson Building and new offices in Towers 500 and 600 of the GM Renaissance Center.

Grassy areas that border East Lafayette Boulevard outside the Tower are the latest area to undergo a facelift in preparation for the new energy-efficient streetlamps.

Construction workers operating mini track loaders and excavators dug trenches and installed cables and cement bases for LED lamps along the walkway. Barricades prevented pedestrians from entering the site.

By replacing high-intensity discharge streetlamps, which typically use 200 watts and last three years, the city expects to gain annual savings of almost $57,000 with the installation of LED lamps that last 10 years and burn only 73 watts.

The new streetlamp project is one of several building-related initiatives the Blues plan to complete this year.

Besides moving the last of 3,000 Blues employees into GM Renaissance Center Towers 500 and 600, Blue Cross is building a new entrance and collaborative space for employees at its Jefferson Building facility, scheduled to open mid-summer.

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2 Responses to New Energy-Efficient Streetlamps Part of Ongoing Improvements to Blues’ Downtown Detroit Campus

  1. Gail Emmert says:

    Way to go, BCBSM!

  2. Good for them for spending those extra funds. New lights will provide safety and security in the downtown area. Thankfully, they will be energy efficient…another added bonus.

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