Drop Off Your Old Medications at National Prescription Drug Take Back Day Oct. 29

We’ve all done it at some point — use our medicine cabinets to stack up old prescriptions like canned goods in a food pantry. Eventually they must go, but it’s important to dispose of them safely. And sending medications down the drain or toilet is not the way to go.

Since medicine doesn’t lose potency just because it’s expired, flushing them away doesn’t mean they’re gone. Recent studies have linked water contamination via prescription disposal with abnormalities in aquatic species like fish and octopus.

So the saying, “There must be something in the water” might actually ring true. Scary, right?

On Saturday, Oct. 29th from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., the federal Drug Enforcement Agency will hold its third National Prescription Drug Take Back Day. It’s your last chance in 2011 to dispose of expired, over-the-counter or prescription pills and capsules in an anonymous, environmentally safe way. There are drop-off sites all over our great state.

On the last Take-Back Day on April 30, the DEA collected 376,593 pounds of pills and capsules across 5,361 collection sites.

Could your medicine cabinet use a little breathing room?

Photo credit: Mr. T in DC

One Response to Drop Off Your Old Medications at National Prescription Drug Take Back Day Oct. 29

  1. Mark Rudolph says:

    Prescription medications are the leading cause of drug addiction. And our kids, family members, neighbors and friends defy the drug user stereotype – most come from stable family backgrounds, and their addiction begins with “safe” prescription drugs found in medicine cabinets. Social pressures, the desire to “fit in”, curiosity—these typical teen feelings lead some kids to experiment with these drugs. They have no idea how life altering that decision could be. Pain killers are especially dangerous – percoset, percodan, oxycontin, opana and the most popular, vicodin, are all opiates and for some these “safe” pills can lead to a day when shoving a heroin-filled needle in their arm makes sense. Please take this opportunity to get rid of your unused medications; you just might save a life.

    Mark Rudolph, Executive Director – Families Against Narcotics

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