A day in the Life of a BCBSM ID Card: Visiting the Dentist’s Office

Part 4: Dental Insurance

In part four of the A day in the life of a BCBSM ID card series, the ID card visits the dentist office. Dentists play a key role in keeping you healthy. That’s right. Oral health plays a very important role in overall health. Some medical conditions have symptoms that appear in the mouth. Regular dental visits can help spot oral health problems early on when treatment is likely to be simpler and more affordable. Research suggests there may be an association between gum disease and serious health conditions such as heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

In parts one through three of this series, we followed the BCBSM ID card everywhere from the primary care physician to the eye doctor to shopping for healthy products:

Part 1: Doctor’s office

Part 2: Eye doctor visit

Part 3: Healthy Blue XtrasSM

The Blues ID card helps you make the total body health connection with access to quality medical, dental, vision and prescription drug coverage.  Even better, you can conveniently access all your benefits with just one ID card.

Dental and Vision Blues ID Card

For information about dental coverage with the Blues, visit bcbsm.com/bluedental.

Special thanks to the staff of George E. Krull, DDS – Pediatric Dentistry for participating in the filming of this video.

About ashlystr
I am a social media analyst at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and have been with BCBSM for almost five years now (gasp). I'm also a Wayne State University law student, second year evening rep for Dicta and Editor in Chief of the SBG student publication DICTA. I have a fur child named Sasha. I am also extremely passionate about the Detroit music scene and an all around music aficionado.

2 Responses to A day in the Life of a BCBSM ID Card: Visiting the Dentist’s Office

  1. Eric Lingaur says:

    I love this video series. It makes me laugh.

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