A day in the life of a Blues ID card

Part One: Doctor visit
You may think that your Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Blue Care Network ID card just sits in your purse or wallet waiting for the next time you go to the doctor or pharmacy. But did you know that those little Blues cards are actually pretty busy as they play an important role in leading Michigan to a healthier future?

Every Blues ID card is essential in helping people maintain their total body health and comes with the convenience of having a single card for medical, dental and vision services, depending on your plan. It also saves you money and helps you achieve your personal wellness goals.

  • You have health coverage that helps you stay well and takes care of you when you’re sick.
  • Your card is recognized nationwide when you travel because it is backed by one of the most trusted health care symbols in the country — the Blue Cross® and Blue Shield®.
  • You have access to great Blues advantages with discounts and special offers on everything from groceries to fitness gear with the support of our Healthy Blue XtrasSM and Blue365® programs.

To see just how busy a Blues ID card can be, check out part one of this four-part video series below, and stay tuned for more Blues ID card adventures.

Special thanks to the doctors and staff of Gaylord Family Practice for participating in the filming of this video.

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One Response to A day in the life of a Blues ID card

  1. Eric says:

    I never knew my Blues ID card was so busy. The accompanying video is great!

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