BCBSM and Wayne State University working to keep young talent in Michigan

Businesses across the state are struggling to keep young talent in Michigan. Cuts, layoffs and restructuring are the norm, leaving young graduates desperate to find new and creative ways to break into the workforce. With a struggling economy, especially in the Detroit area, many are choosing to leave the state in an effort to find entry-level work.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Wayne State University are taking the reins to end this “brain drain” phenomenon here in Michigan.

Wayne State University and BCBSM are both working to brand Detroit as a destination for young talent. David L. Williams, Dean of Wayne State’s School of Business Administration, emphasizes the importance of promoting the city of Detroit as a great place to work and live, and a place where young talent has opportunities to develop and eventually advance in the workplace.

This will increase their interest in choosing to stay in Michigan. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan has implemented an extensive internship program to provide college students with real world experience, so valuable in gaining entry into the workforce.

Interns are presented with substantive projects related to their area of interest or field of study.

Yan Isayev, a Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan intern, was recently recognized as Intern of the Year by Crain’s Detroit Business

Currently on internship number four at BCBSM, Isayev has no doubt that he wants to stay in Michigan after he graduates.

The future of Michigan is dependent upon recruiting and retaining educated, talented and creative people. What can local business do to stop Michigan’s brain drain?

View the story below for an in-depth look into just how Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Wayne State University are working to keep the best and brightest in Michigan.

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