MyBlue helps Michiganders through their career transition

As companies are downsizing or finding ways to improve their bottom line, many Michiganders are now finding themselves without health insurance from their employer. It’s not an ideal situation, but in the midst of this tough economy, many individuals and their families are being forced to make changes in their daily lives – finding individual health insurance just happens to be one of them.

Looking for individual health insurance is a task many have not had to face before. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan knows how important it is to have options when it comes to health care coverage. How do you get the most health care coverage at the lowest cost? What plans will fit your needs? The Blues offers MyBlueSM, a suite of individual coverage options for Michigan residents, designed to protect your health and your finances at your specific stage of life.

Not sure what MyBlue plan will fit your needs? Check out and click on the AskBlue icon. AskBlue is an interactive program that helps make the complicated process of selecting an individual health plan easy to use and easy to enroll.

Everyone should have access to health care coverage. As times change, the Blues are leading the way to help Michigan’s residents to a healthier future.

About Shannon Paul
Social Media Strategist at Fifth Third Bank. This is a personal profile. Comments and activity are personal and do not represent my employer.

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