Got an opinion about health care reform? Blues Perspectives blog wants your comments

President Obama’s signing of sweeping health care reforms into law is dominating the news cycles and fueling heated conversations across the country. Love it or hate it, the passage of reforms by the slimmest of margins after nearly a century of failed attempts represents history in the making.
But as would be expected, given our current political climate and the scale of this policy change, the move is stoking fierce resistance from some quarters.

Here’s a response we received to our statement on reform from earlier this week. In responding to the U.S. House vote approving reform legislation, Blues President and CEO Daniel J. Loepp said the passage “does not mark the end of the process to reform health care. It is just the beginning.”
President Loepp,
Your statement sounds as if the fat lady has sung, and the healthcare reform issue is settled; I hope not. The Dems had to cheat to “pass” the vote; simple majority vs. required 60 votes. The fight goes on, don’t hang up your gloves just yet, lest you give the impression you are in favor of what passed for ‘reform’…that would make me nervous.
Cadillac, MI
We’ve written here about our own takes on health care reform and how we already play by many of the same rules that will soon apply to all insurers. And we’ll use this space to keep Blues members abreast of how the changes affect them. But we’d like to hear your opinions as well.
What do you think of the new reform laws? What are your concerns? Many of us here at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan continue to have questions about reform. What are yours?
Leave your thoughts in the comments well below our individual blog posts. If we like your comments, we might even feature them in a new post.

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